Happy Thanksgaming everyone!


I hope everyone has a good holiday this week, I know that things are a little nuts with Donald Trump elected and all the riots. That doesn’t mean to take it out on your family or friends¬†this week.

The past few years have been very hard on me personally but I have made a lot more friends and have tried a lot of new opportunities. I’m thankful for what gaming and video games help me out with, I have big plans for gaming in my future and want to put a more positive spin on gaming, a lot of what I see is very Anti-Gaming/video games which doesn’t help anybody.

I hope all of you reading this have a good holiday season (and gaming season), Xmas is just around the console, so it could be a good time to pick up a new game or console for that special someone (or yourself).



Battlefield 1 has the Best Single Player Campaign by far!

Battlefield 1 has the Best Single Player Campaign by far!

The Single Player Campaign which I just finished while being very much under the weather, was amazing. You place on several different allied fronts, each one unique and compelling.

One takes place with an aging Australian Infantry Soldier and Scout, who is world renown, especially in Australia. There are five in total, you play as an American, Italian, Australian and even an Arab woman who helps out the Lawrence of Arabia (yes the one they made a movie about).

Each “War Story” takes 1-2 hours to complete, 3-4 at max. They are short concise but interesting stories, which I can only assume are a mix of fiction and real life events.

I would highly recommend getting it on your favorite console (or PC). The multiplayer is just as amazing as I have written about before.

Battlefield 1 has the Best Single Player Campaign by far!


Battlefield 1 is Amazeballs!

battlefield 1

If you’ve never played a Battlefield game, I highly recommend picking up Battlefield 1. I think its one of the best in the series so far, even better than Battlefield 4 which I am a huge fan of.

Set in a different time than most First Person Shooters, it’s set in the World War 1. The gameplay is improved and reminds me of a mix of Battlefield 4 but also Star Wars Battlefront. It’s still not perfect and has its issues but gameplay is constantly being balanced and refined via updates and DLC in the future.

The single player campaign is also worth checking out as well. There are 5-6 “War Stories” where you play as several different soldiers during World War I on several fronts.

The campaign is well written with good voice acting and with interesting characters and stories. Also each one is 3-4 hours at most and around 1-2 hours of gameplay, so it’s short and sweet.

For the Multiplayer part of the game, it’s just as amazing and the true heart of the game. There are old modes as well as new ones (like pigeon hunt). The weapons and gadgets are fresh and new and mostly experimental guns at the time, but still amazing to use. The vehicles and stationary guns are just as awesome too.

You can use a variety of vehicles ranging from Biplanes, Zeppelins, destroyers to tanks and cars. They all control well and are relatively balanced as well.

The classes/kits are a nice blend and change of pace, I especially like some of the Scout’s new gadgets and weapons. There are a good mix of short range guns as well as longer range ones like Sniper Rifles.

Anyways, I highly recommend playing a trial of this if not buying it outright, It’s out now on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4!


battlefield 1



Back in the saddle again so to speak

So after a hiatus and not working on the website much, we are back with new software and a complete revamp, this may happen to a few other of our websites. It turns out there was some issues with our websites making it slow. We are adding in a ton more products though, way more than in the past and redoing a lot so please be patient with us and everything.