Happy Thanksgaming everyone!


I hope everyone has a good holiday this week, I know that things are a little nuts with Donald Trump elected and all the riots. That doesn’t mean to take it out on your family or friends¬†this week.

The past few years have been very hard on me personally but I have made a lot more friends and have tried a lot of new opportunities. I’m thankful for what gaming and video games help me out with, I have big plans for gaming in my future and want to put a more positive spin on gaming, a lot of what I see is very Anti-Gaming/video games which doesn’t help anybody.

I hope all of you reading this have a good holiday season (and gaming season), Xmas is just around the console, so it could be a good time to pick up a new game or console for that special someone (or yourself).



Back in the saddle again so to speak

So after a hiatus and not working on the website much, we are back with new software and a complete revamp, this may happen to a few other of our websites. It turns out there was some issues with our websites making it slow. We are adding in a ton more products though, way more than in the past and redoing a lot so please be patient with us and everything.